by Linda Ingaldson
Scared, small, petite, a handsome Siamese cat,
In a sterile cage at a rescue shelter on a blanket sat.
"This is the one" she said as she touched his paw,
A love story which began eighteen years ago.

She named him Lao Tzu,
An unassuming name for an unassuming cat.
His demeanor captured her heart; his other part.
The pieces that connected the two of them,
Forever in the joy and laughter of one being, one friend.

As time passed, Lao Tzu began to frail,
He no longer was able to cling on to her in his playful way,
The light in his eyes began to fade.
It was time for Lao Tzu,
The journey to end leaving his friend.

She watched his breathing slowly coming to the end,
Desperately she tries to hold on to Lao Tzu.
Releasing his last breath the spirit peacefully departed,
Leaving his loyal friend, the companion he cherished and loved.

At rest, at peace.

"When the intelligent and animal souls are held together in one embrace, they can be kept from separating." Lao Tzu-Book of Tao & Te

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