Sparks and Daisy
by Linda Shafer
We first got Sparks 15 years ago when my son was 10 years old,Daisy came along the next year,they were the cutest little westies and full of love and mischief. For the next 14 years it was always Sparks and Daisy, as if they were one,but just like people they had their own personalites.Sparks was the perfect example of a big dog in a little dog body,while Daisy was the sweetest little girl.
For 15 years they grew up with my son,like two other children, but as he got older and went away
To college, they stayed children as pets do.
But as time went by,both of them slowed down, no more running,playing with toys,or going on walks.
This February, we lost Daisy,she was fine one day,then her lungs filled up with fluid and she couldn't breathe, even though they tried to help her,there was nothing they could do,and we had to make the decision no one ever wants to face.
It was the most heart wrenching moment I can ever remember.
Sparks kept on going by himself,he seemed to be OK,but as time went on,he stopped eating ,we tried everything to get him to eat. His 15 the birthday was on June 7th. We had a birthday party for him and he really seemed to rally,he even ate his dog food. But the next few days is was like he had just given up,he refuses to eat,even drink,we had to carry him outside to the go to the bathroom.

It was like somehow he knew it was his birthday and he was going to make to that day.

My family all went with him to our vet when we knew it was time to say goodbye to our sweet little boy.
Now he and Daisy are together again for ever at the Rainbow Bridge.
Thank you for 15 years of unconditional love, we will never forget you and never stop loving you.
Mommy,Daddy and Joey

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