To Tommy, from Mommy
by Linda Renee Brown
Today I’ll always cry for you,
Your leaving takes my air.
My world is lost without your hugs,
Your sweetness gone fore’er.

Remembering how I nuzzled you,
The scent perfumes my brain.
The memories of your precious eyes
Bring now my tears of pain.

Today I’ll always cry for you,
A hollow’s in my soul.
Without your warm, devoted heart,
I’ll ne’er again be whole.

You’ve been a brave and noble cat
No lion could exceed,
My gentle, trusting angel who
Shared all his love with me.

Today I’ll always cry for you,
And stop I don’t know when.
I’d give up all that I have now
To hear your purr again.

I weep for all you’ll never do,
The birds you’ll never chase,
That regal stretch! and basking in
The sunbeams on your face.

Today I’ll always cry for you,
No one may understand.
But you and I will walk this way,
Your paw clasped in my hand.
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