The loss of Drew and how he changed my heart
by Lindsey
The day my sweet little guy Drew came into my life was the day I Lindsey became a cat person. My husband found him in the parking lot of his job and called me because their was the cutest little cat wondering around. I felt in my heart that I had to go and see what the fuss was about. When I got there I saw the cutest little gray and white fur ball walking around like he owned the parking lot. Once I laid my eyes on him I knew I was met to be his mom. we brought him home and he immediately adjusted to living with us or us living with him,lol. We had 3 wonderful years with this little guy. He was very unique. He got along with all cats and I believe sometimes he even taught he was a dog. You see my dog Daisy is a cat lover and pretty much helped raise Drew. They had a very special bond, not something that is seen everyday with cats and dogs. Drew was the type of cat that would wake you up in the morning knocking everything off the bedside table. Our little guy was diagnosed with feline leukemia on 12/01/2015. The vet wanted us to put him to sleep that day. My husband and I couldn't do this. We have no human children and our world revolves around our pets. We had 6 cats including Drew and 1 dog. We are the kind of people that will sacrifice anything for our pets. So no we were not ready to give up on Drew, not this soon. We hadn't even had time to absorb the news. Well we brought Drew home and cared for him day and night for almost 1 month. It was a cold Wednesday in December when our sweet little guy passed. Watching him die was the hardest thing I have ever done. I wanted so badly to take away all his pain and to make it all better but there was nothing I could do. All that we could do is medicate him, hold him and be there for him. I will never forget him and will always have a hollow part in my heart. I do feel horrible questioning why God did this....I know he has his reasons and one day we will heal. We miss you more than words can ever describe. Love your humans/ mom and dad.
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