Hopie's Life
by Lisa Mazzochi
Hopie TOO!! Mazzochi
In Loving Memory of my Rescue Girl “Hopie TOO!!”
Dear Mommie,
I don’t remember that much of my former life before meeting you. What I do remember was not pretty. I was kept outside, tied to a tree, and starved for three weeks losing half of my body weight.
I was taken to a place where there were a lot of other dogs. I found out later that I was now a Cumberland County SPCA dog. The people there must have thought that I was something special because they told you about me. I remember you came to see me, so I knew I had to make a good impression. I saw you smile and I know I had a big smile on my face. Then you brought your dog Faith in to see me. I’m thinking to myself, this is getting better and better. I really hit it off with Faith. But then, I went back to my kennel not knowing why. The people at the shelter were still hopeful for me that I would get adopted.
Then about a week later you came BACK. This time you brought someone else with you. You got me out of my kennel, so this other lady could see me. I was so happy to see you. When this other lady saw me, she started to cry and said that I looked like “Hope” and that you had to get me out of here. I did so many butt wiggles that I swear I could feel the building shake!
So, you told the staff you would take ME! On Friday, April 13, 2012, I was spayed and then picked up by that same lady who became my Aunt Candy. I went from “Goochie Pooh” to my new name “Hopie TOO!!” because I was almost the spitting image of your Original “Hope”.
My life was FOREVER changed on Friday the 13th. That was my LUCKY DAY!! I was no longer living outside and my belly was always full. I never knew that I could be loved by soooo many people and other pets like me. I won Dog Of The Year in October 2013 at the CCSPCA and TOP DOG at the CCSPCA and Wheaton Arts show in April 2014 because of my story and you not giving up on me. What a wonderful life you gave me. I have so many furry friends. You brought me two new sisters, Faith and Charity, so I wouldn’t be lonely after the original Faith went to the Rainbow Bridge.
I got to sleep on the couch and a great big bed. I went swimming in the pool (even though I didn’t like that one bit). I really enjoyed playing with the pool backwash hose and the sprinkler hose. I didn’t mind getting wet at all. I ENJOYED IT!!
But now, six years later, my life is coming to an end. You have been trying everything to treat my heart condition, but lung cancer took me earlier than expected. My heart will always belong to you Mommie. My body is so tired, and it is time for me to go to the Rainbow Bridge to be with Faith and meet my namesake “Hope”. I see you crying all the time. I don’t want you to be sad for me, but to cherish the wonderful life you gave me. I had the BEST SIX YEARS of my short life. Six years of constant love, no abuse or mistreatment, never hungry, never hot or cold, only a beautiful and wonderful life.
You gave me everything you had, but most important, you gave me LOVE! Before I left this world, you gave me my favorite treat “Frosty Paws”. I no longer had an appetite, but I didn’t refuse that. One last treat for the long road to the Rainbow Bridge. I will always remember you Mommie, Aunt Candy, Faith, Charity, Koal, Vickie, and Snowie. I loved you all from the very first day we met. Please don’t forget about me!!

My Sweet Hopie,
I will miss you soooo much. I will try not to cry, but you know that will be hard for me. The hardest thing that I had to do was to let you go and be at peace. I knew it was only a matter of time before you would become a resident crossing over to the Rainbow Bridge. When there was no longer a smiling face or a butt wiggle, I knew it was time to let you go. You were just too weak. I couldn’t watch you struggle to breathe any longer. I hope that you can forgive me for doing this on last deed. I would have given my own heart and lungs to save you. I miss you being by my side protecting me all day and night. Now there is only emptiness. I hope that in the near future I will remember all the happy memories we shared. I will remember you forever. I hope that you will remember me and wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge. Be well and free my sweet girl. We will all love you FOREVER.
Mommie Lisa and sisters Faith and Charity

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