Nessie little old lady
by Lisa Fournier

I just want to let you know how much Nunna loved you and still will til the day I can't think about you anymore. Your on my mind in the mornings when I would say Where's my little old lady and give you kisses and hugs., and when I would go to bed and always make sure you were warm and covered with your blanket and protect you from them crazy beeping noises that made you afraid. You gave me 9 wonderful years of joy in having you as mine., from the first day I saw you cuddled up and snuggling with your Momma Tessie when you were born and you would whimper everytime
I picked you up, you were mine and in my heart you will always be. I tried to take care of you the best that I could and I'm sorry you got taken away from your home and the
people that loved you very much. I never got to say goodbye and I never wanted to., but had to and now I have to. I will think of you in a green grassed yard chasing those squellies and being the dog you should be!! You will always be my Phony Pony cuccaroni!! Til we meet again. I love Nessie!! aka Dolly!! 💙❤️
Love your Nunna
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