Angel's Life.
by Lonnie M.
Angel was thrown out of a car by a woman when she was 4 weeks old. My friend picked her up and called me. I had recently lost a cat, Amber. Wasn't ready for another one but took her anyway. Vet said she had an infection, gave me meds for her and soon she was all better. She kept my Dad company and always gave kitty kisses. She was attacked by a neighbor's dog, saved, from being killed, by my dog Sarah. Had mekonoma on her ears and they were removed, which saved her life. She was a blessing and the sweetest kitty, always giving my other furbabies a bath and kisses. She especially loved my dog Sarah. She would always wash her and she loved my son, Andrew, also. Her passing has been especially hard on me, more so than any other furbaby, except for Amber, a silver tabby, that lived for 23 yrs. Angel was only 14 1/2, not long enough time for such a loving kitty.
Comments would be appreciated by the author, Lonnie M.
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