Bringing Sonny Home
by Louise Shepherd
I just posted a story last week of how I lost my darling Sonny. But it turns out, there was another chapter to write.

I had Sonny cremated. The vet's office made arrangements. Three miserable days after his passing I got a call from their office telling me his remains had been returned. I was getting ready to leave the house so I simply drove up there crying as I remember the last trip; when I never brought him back. This time I would bring my baby home. I went in and waited until someone brought me the bag containing the box. I left and went to my car where I took it from the bag and burst into tears again as I held it close to me.

There was a knock on my window and I saw a man who had been in the vet's office while I was there. I opened the door and he politely introduced himself and asked if I had lost my pet. I told him yes and he offered his sympathy and told me he has been in my place also. We spoke for several minutes and I thanked him for his kind words.

The next day I found a text on my phone from this gentleman and his wife offering their sympathy and a little poem about the loss of a pet. I don't know or care how he found my phone number. I just know that this simple act of kindness made me smile. Sonny was still spreading love.

So now my baby is back home where he started his life and I feel content that he is once again with me.
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