My Pardita
by Luis Godoy
Today marks 14 years since Pardita's and my destinies connected. It was an unexpected discovery to find her in the garden of the building, lying in a ball with Negrita (her little sister). Little by little we got closer, we fed them, we played with them. At the beginning it was not very clear that they would live with us, that was their decision, Pardita here, Negrita with the neighbor. One of my first memories is of playing in the living room, chasing a microphone with a long cable, we would spend hours, jumping a lot, running after the connector, she would get desperate when she couldn't scratch or bite it, I would let her catch it. I also remember that when she was younger she was very adventurous, she would go out at night and early in the morning to the garden or parking lot; I remember many nights that she would go out in the rain, in the cold, she would find another cat and I had to go out to separate her, she would also jump a great height up to the living room window. It is necessary to emphasize her bravery, she was not afraid of other cats, nor of us, we have scars as testimony, and she was always a great hunter, the terror of the smaller species such as mice, lizards, birds, pigeons, crickets or moths, all were her prey and she played with them until they no longer moved. She loved to sunbathe and sleep comfortably without noise; in the window boxes of the apartment she would do both and from that privileged position she would spend hours watching the passing of people, the flight of the birds, how the leaves moved with the wind; when the exact moment came she would curl up to sleep quietly and warmly. Eating was also one of her great tastes, I know she did it with pleasure and in abundance, that's why she was a little overweight but beautiful; for a long time she loved her kibbles, later we added prizes, cans and envelopes; from time to time I gave her chicken, salmon or milk. If there was something she hated it was fleas, mowers and going to the vet; in fact the first time I took her to the emergency room was because someone cutting the grass injured one of her back legs, we had a hard time because she wanted to remove the stitches, she brought a collar and it was hard for her to eat, sleep and go to the bathroom. We went through many very bad moments, very hard, the worst of my life at the doctor's. I prefer not to tell more. . She was always a very beautiful kitty, of good weight, clean and brindle coat, beautiful green eyes, strong and penetrating look, authoritative meow, very clean to go to the bathroom and eat, elegant to walk, play and go down or up stairs, very intelligent and independent (I could go out for hours and I knew she ate, went to the bathroom, went to the garden and went to sleep), although that changed with age, she needed more and more of me and my care. Now I think of her mommy and knowing cat mommies, I know that she took good care of her, I feed her, cuddle her and warm her up, I hope I have lived up to such care. As brave as she was she also had her moments of tenderness and boy, those are the ones I treasure and miss the most. It has been very hard days and I miss my Pardita, I put her on a shelf decorated with flowers, candles and photos, I greet her daily and talk to her. She took care of me and I know she still does.
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