Our beloved Papito
by Magda
Papito was our beloved shihpoo who was a great dog and was a great companion to my mom, who had breast cancer, and step dad. He was always with them following my mom around the house all the time. He was great with me too. One day when I came home from, all places, church and was feeling low he wagged his tail and was so happy to see me that he made me instantly get in a better mood. He was ill, but he was being treated for his illnesses. When a new vet saw him because we had moved to a new city, which never turned out to be a good idea except that the neighborhood where we lived a lot of people had dogs and so Papito got to socialize, he exclaimed about how good he saw Papito and that he could live for 2 more years the way he was. But, on Christmas Day Papito didn’t eat like he usually ate and that’s where the whole thing started to go bad. He ended up having a glass in his stomach that we have yet to know how he ate it and the vet said that we can do an endoscopy, a surgery or put him to sleep. I didn’t advocate for the endoscopy bc I knew it was really expensive and my mom didn’t either. The vet said he could have the surgery and that the test if he passed it was the anesthesia. He did wake up from the surgery, but he suffered from 1:00 am until 8:00 when we took him to the vet. He had his mouth closed and was fighting for his life. The vet said that his tongue had gotten bad and that he’d need to have a procedure that would take weeks. My mom said that it was too much for him and for her and so she decided to put him to sleep. I feel we abandoned him with a surgery that we didn’t give it time to heal. That he may have healed quickly??? He died in the same place where he had been taken as a puppy and he died in a way that he hadn’t lived for he lived well taken cared of and groomed constantly. I don’t understand why he had to die that way. I was taking good care if him those days that he wasn’t eating or drinking water. My parents even commented on how hard I was working. I loved him so much and he deserved a better ending.
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