Miss Hollywood Kayla
by Marianne L.
Miss Kayla Cochrane meant so much to me since I first met her years ago.I called her Miss Hollywood right from the start. I is used to say to her Kayla since you are a beautiful poodle doggie with a great walk I can see you living in Hollywood wearing a diamond collar prancing up & down the streets in Beverly Hills..She was very smart Kayla she understood me..She even recognized my house when I lived in her neighborhood. She was such a love and she took to me & I to her right away..She had a gentle nature & disposition...She loved when I visited her and would give her a little lovin' & doggie massage..My heart is heavy at her passing but I find comfort in knowing she is with her family members...For me there was only one Miss Kayla & I shall never ever forget her..I love you Kayla...Show all up in heaven the star that you are & shine bright! Love Aunt Marianne L.😢
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