by Marilyn Pepper
I only had my sweet Yorkie for fifteen months, but loved him more than anything. When I rescued him he was eaten up with fleas and very little hair. We fell in love and were never apart for one night. He slept in my arms every night and went everywhere with me. He was fine on Sunday and didn't eat on Monday and I took him to the Vet and they told me he had kidney failure. They put him on Iv's in the day time and let me take him home every night and back in the morning, but after two days his little body was just giving out and I made the decision to bring him home and kept him in his blanket all night and he just stayed right next to me so peaceful. Got up with him the next morning and he seemed like he was getting better and then he just seemed to slip away. The Vet didn't want me to disconnect him from his Iv's. Said it would be a painful death. It wasn't. I knew my Peanut, he wanted to be home. I am so thankful that I brought him home. He didn't like cages and I never put him in one. I am telling this to everyone because all your pet need is love. Please just hold your precious babies as much as you can and when it is time to go to The Rainbow Bridge they want to be in your arms and not in a cage. They don't keep them clean even if for a day. My poor baby was covered with poop the two days I left him and picked him up. That's one of the reasons I took him home to rest. Please hold your babies close to your heart. You never know when they have to leave us. Until we are together again my sweet darling Peanut. You were my love and I miss you so much.
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