My Journey With Boo
by Mary Bare
My Journey With Boo

My journey began with Boo on one uneventful spring morning. Her mama had wandered to my house and I had been feeding her for several days. I never knew she had a kitten until one morning she meowed and the most beautiful blue eyed kitten I have ever seen came out from under a bush. She had a black spot on one side of her nose so I named her Boo Boo. Over time I shortened her name to Boo. To my surprise, in a few months the mama cat had 3 more kittens. I took good care of the other kittens but somehow their personalities were different from Boo’s.

I have read that some pets will form a special bond with one member of the family. They seek out the love and companionship of that person more than all the others. Boo and I had that kind of relationship. She was always with me wherever I went. If we became separated she would go from room to room meowing for me. I remember times when I would be busy working and look up to find her staring at me. She seemed to know what I was thinking. She always slept on my bed and many nights I would wake up to find her patting me on my face. Eventually, I would just give up trying to sleep and get up with her. Everyday I would pick her up and swing her through the air. I would hug her to me and say over and over to her, I love you Boo. Of course, she would act like she was offended by shaking herself when she walked away.

Boo loved to go outdoors and I would turn her out most everyday. The other cats would roam
away from the house but Boo always stayed close. She was a bird lover and a good hunter but she never ventured very far. She was a little timid and I always watched out for her more than the other cats.

On Christmas Eve she wanted to go out after dark, so thinking she would come right back when I called her I let her out. All night I called and called but Boo never came back. The next morning I found her in the backyard. She had died during the night but she didn’t have any marks on her of any kind. I think she may have had a heart attack because there was no evidence she had been attacked by another animal.

I thought my heart would break when I found her. I truly loved her with all of my heart. My journey with Boo had sadly come to an end. We had formed a special bond that I will treasure forever. She had been my soulmate for eleven years. In those eleven years we had created many wonderful memories. Although the loss of Boo has been terrible, I wouldn’t trade all those special times I had with her for anything.
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