They say money cannot buy love
by Mary Waste
Hello, I lost my cat of 18 years June 14. Though she was old she could have/should have lived on another 3-4 years or at least not suffered with her illness so long.
I am 63 and could not afford to pay for her medical care now, or the past 3 years, but she had annual physicals/shots even teeth cleaning/extraction prior to my retirement when I could afford it. The guilt and pain are unbearable, though I will adapt to her being gone in time. She was my joy and companion. With grief comes anger, and I am angry that vet care is so expensive that the pets are the ones that suffer. Yes, everyone should realize that taking in a beautiful pet is expensive, but I had an accident that rendered me unable to afford $1000 plus for her dental care. She's a dental care isn't even that expensive. And she lost her life because I could not afford it. Am I alone in this ? Thank you and God Bless your fur babies gone over the rainbow bridge.
Comments would be appreciated by the author, Mary Waste
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