What Are You Doing Here?
by Mary Johnson
I don't want you
Why did they bring you to me?
To take the place of the one I loved so dearly?
Well, you can't
And I don't want you.
Because you're not Belle

You're cute, I'll admit it.
You're funny and brave.
And you look at me with eyes that say "Please love me".
Well, I can't because you'll never be Belle.

You're such a good girl.
You're smart and you're cuddly.
You follow my every step.
It's too bad.
But I guess you can't help it because you'll never be Belle.

Time passes and you've grown.
You're fat and you're slick.
You don't like to beg but you do like to lick.
And I really love you
Although you'll never be Belle.
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