Hailey 16th Birthday
by Melissa McKenzie

Today is your 16th birthday my love. It is your 2nd birthday in Heaven. You lost your ferocious battle to stay with Mommy 2 weeks after your 14th birthday. I'm sorry that I didn't write a post for your last birthday baby girl. It was your 1st in Heaven and it was just too hard for me. I don't cry as often as I did before, but today I am a wreck.
As I type this, I am sitting here in our bed next to your blankets and tiger that I still sleep with every night. I will snuggle with him for you sweetie.
I am sorry that Sugar was in your home living your life for those 8 months. Mommy was never trying to replace you. I just wanted to give her a quiet home for a while. Thank you for looking over her as she was getting her MRI and surgery. I know you were there with her because I asked you to be, and you are a good girl. Please continue to look over her recovery. You know the struggle she is facing. Maybe you could give Jesus those sweet puppy eyes and ask him to heal Sugar. She isn't ready to go yet and Mommy can't live with the guilt, along with the guilt of what happened to you.
Today I cooked steak and veggies for your birthday dinner. You sure did love steak and veggies. I also got a slice of cake and put 2 candles in it for you, since it is your 2nd birthday in Heaven. Daddy and I sang and each made a wish for you and blew them out. I made him cry a little. Losing you is one the few things that I have ever seen him cry about. That's how special you are and how much you are loved.

Til we meet again my sweet baby girl Hay-Hay,

Forever your Mommy.
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