by Mercedes Martel
Dear Gizmo,

You were such a small little thing when you were born. I remember telling Brandon that I was afraid for you and how much I wanted you to live. You were sick but mom and I made sure you were given extra love.

You were a scruffy little thing when you started to grow up. We called you Scruffy and dad loved you a lot. Dad loved all kittens and cats but he knew you were special too.

Everyday we were together, everyday you made my life better. Did you know in those three short months you were my life. I named you Gizmo, not really sure why, but it suited you. You always purred and always comforted me.

I loved you and you loved me, I know it.

But then came the day God decided he loved you more. I know you were sick, you hung on just enough for us all to be home, you hated being alone so you waited. I'm sorry I never got to comfort you in your time of need and I'm sorry I couldn't save you. But thank you for saving me those times, you don't know how much you meant to me.

I've cried all day and yesterday since you've passed. You were the sweetest baby and I hate knowing you were scared and alone. I do blame myself for that and when we meet again I'll make it up to you.

Just wait for me Gizmo. Make friends there and bring them as much joy as you brought me. I'll bring your pink mouse, I know those were yours and how special they were to you. I love you baby, just don't be scared ok.

I'll love you forever and I can't wait to see you again.
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