From The Rainbow Bridge
by Michael Allen
I wrote this a few years ago. My first wife passed away at the age of 32. I was on Widownet and I saw the heartache these people were going through, and who were helping me through my grief. At the same time they were losing their beloved pets as well. It was almost too much to ask. Also, my friends before my wife's sickness were losing their pets to old age and diseases and I wanted to do something to ease their pain. Years before, when I was 14 years old, my father used to let my first dog, Chipper, off his chain to go to the bathroom. Chipper loved for you to chase him, and my dad didn't go after him, thinking he would come right back. I went looking for Chip, and I found him, about 4 hours later, on the side of the road, not moving. He was gone. The next day my next door neighbor, Suzy, came into the house and my mother said that I was devastated, that someone had hit Chipper and left him there. She said that she did it and did it on purpose. I became so angry at her cruelty I basically told her I would break her neck. Which I should never have done. But she sat in our kitchen and said that just to hurt a 14-year-old boy who never did anything to her. I knew she would be punished for her cruelty. At the time she said that, she was a 110-pound person. The last time I saw her she weighed 325 pounds, 15 years later. I made it my point that if God ever could allow me to comfort another person who lost a beloved pet I would do so. I have written many poems for pet owners, but this seems to give the most comfort. God bless you all. I have lost many family members, pets, etc. If I can light a candle rather than curse the darkness, I shall.

From The Rainbow Bridge 

I know right now you feel so sad

You just want to cry, you hurt so bad

But please don’t cry too long for me 
I’ve just arrived in a place where I feel so free

I hurt no more, I feel no pain

You can be sure, there is no rain

The Rainbow Bridge is right before me
I can see it now, it has to be
It’s so beautiful, but I’m not sure I should go

Because I know you’re still hurting so

Is it okay, okay with you
If I go on, and enter through

I’ll wait for you until your day

I’ll never leave, right here I’ll stay

The Rainbow Bridge is right before me

I can see it now, it has to be

It’s so beautiful, and I sure want to go

But I know you’re still hurting so
You gave me love, like no one could
My life with you was always good
So don’t think you could have done more for me
My life was full, I was always so happy
The Rainbow Bridge is right before me

I can see it now, it has to be

It’s so beautiful, and that’s where I’m going to go

Because that’s what you would want, and that we both know

Remember, all the times I laid by you

When you felt low, when you felt blue
Remember me with a laugh and a smile

Don’t remember me with tears in your eyes all the while

The Rainbow Bridge, is where I am

Don’t you worry at all, it’s all so grand
I love you all, so don’t worry none
I’ve just gone home, to where I started from

Love, Chipper
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