My Little Buddy
by Mike Mccoy
We started our journey together on January 18, 2017. I still remember you sitting next to me in my car wanting to see your new home. You were my faithful companion for five years and 10 months and today November 8, 2022 you had to depart because god called you home. I will always remember those loving brown eyes, the way you followed me from room to room always keeping me company. The smile you brought to my face when you would shake your toys and you were always on a mission to remove the squeaker. I remember when you used to want to get up on my bed and if I didn’t see you, you would get up on your hind legs and put your paws on the bed to let me know you wanted to come up. When I would return from vacation you were always so excited to see me and sit next to me on the couch.You were my beloved friend and you gave your love unconditionally you will always be part of my heart.
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