A true experience of rainbow Rainbow Bridge
by Molly Poser

My name is Molly. I am happy to share this true experience with others who have lost a beloved pet. I have been told my entire life that, "Pets don't have souls" and therefore, "Pets don't go to heaven." Being the animal lover that I am, I was never satisfied with that explanation. How does anyone know anyway? Have people died, gone to heaven and returned to earth knowing this?

It is important to give the location where I was when this miracle took place or no one will understand. I was in a small town in located in Bosnia, called Medjugorje. Medjugorje is a small village where there are apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, also called Our Lady. It was on my second trip there that Mary and Jesus gave me the most wonderful gift that I could ask for.

I was sitting on the rocky hill where the visionaries first saw Mother Mary. There were six visionaries and all six were children. Today they are now adults. In Medjugorje, thousands upon thousands of people visit from all over the world. Some are healed from illnesses here and miracles happen.

On this marvelous rocky hill, I started to pray. No one knew what I was praying about. I was praying to know if there was truly a Rainbow Bridge. I sat and quietly prayed for about 20 minutes.

In the middle of my praying, I saw a stray dog walk right by me and my Mom. This dog came out of no where. This dog walked right by the metal cross that is staked on the hill. My mother Nancy said to me, "Look Molly, dogs really do go to heaven!"

It was hot out and I was trying frantically to figure out a way to get this dog some water. By the time I figured out how to do so, the dog had disappeared. I went back to my spot on the hill disappointed that I couldn't find the dog.

The next thing that happened was amazing. I almost immediately saw a young man stand up wearing a white t-shirt with a rainbow on it!

Our group leader Stephanie, whom has been to Medjugorie over 100 times, said something very special to me. Stephanie said that, "Mary had a special message for me!" When my mother Nancy and I heard that we both started to cry (happy tears of course). That is what my special message was. That there is a Rainbow Bridge. I am certain that Mary would like me to share my gift with others who also wonder if there is really a Rainbow Bridge.

Rainbow Bridge is real and true. The Lord heard my prayers and delivered. I believe he wants me to share my experience because of all the people who are hurting over their pets deaths. Yes, the Rainbow Bridge is real and you will see all your pets again, on your way to heaven.

Molly Poser
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