by Monica
Across the rainbow bridge awaits our Georgie boy.
He’ll welcome you with kisses
To the beautiful land he now calls home
We will never forget your bravery in protecting our home from the neighbors cats.
We will think back to the fun times with you
Getting your head stuck in the cheese
Or catching a baby bird and being attacked by its mother
I will never forget your jingle
Nor will I forget that I used to squeak you
I’ll always remember you sitting and pooping in my pouch
how you would sit like a loaf
You were and still are my cat twin
I just wish we had more time.
The night before we said goodbye,
You came into my room
I was already a crying mess and I told you,
“I’m scared
I’m sorry
Please I can’t lose you too.”
As if you knew you jumped up
Cuddled with me,
Almost saying it was all going to be
You knew didn’t you?
You choose to spend your last night helping me.
And I will never be able to thank you enough.
For as long as we both had lived you were my baby
I don’t know what the future holds,
I’ve always had you at my side,
From the very first of my days.
Cuddle our boy
Know that we love you
And that we’ll never ever
In a million years forget you
You are our baby girl,
Our meat loaf,
Our “four feet off the ground” girl,
And you were George’s girl
Goodbye my baby,
Till we meet again
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