Sweet boy, my baby guy
by My_Goliath Ailey
My sweet Goliath, my Bassett of 15 years got in horrible pain Tuesday morning. Living in rural Iowa my vet sent us hour n half away. He told us more than likely twisted stomach. My selfishness wanted him to stay with me so we took him. He was in such pain but I had hope I was going to bring him home after they fixed him. Minutes seemed like hours. After I put him in the arms of strangers and they took him back that was the last time I saw him. They started surgery but it became complicated once inside, at that point I had to let him go. I feel guilt that I prolonged his pain, I wasn't with him his final hour. We were inseparable. He didn't like me out of his site, traveled with me even tho he got car sick but that was better than being without me. I feel I let him down. He trusted me. He never felt pain, ever and that's how I leave him. Please help me get these voices out of my head. I loved him so much. I am a Christian and I love God and I'm trying to lean on him.
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