To gizmo
by Nora Richardson
To Gizmo

My dear darling, please fly high,
Above the rainbow, above the sky,
Where endless sea and mountains lay
Where grass and trees, in light breeze sway,
Where sun shines every single day.

My final hug, my final kiss,
Run free my dear and feel the bliss,
Of eating food as much you like,
Of going on, that endless hike,
Of seeing shooting stars at night.

My little angel, my little star,
Shine bright, I'll see you from afar,
And when it's time and my end near,
Please ease my pain and ease my fear,
Next to me, sweetheart, you shall appear.

Together we'll step through the night,
Like olden days you by my side,
For now though, fly high, my little dove
Rest in peace, high above,
Until we meet again my love.

Written by Nora Richardson for the best little jelly bean ever
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