by Padmini Rao
You know that you’re my angel
Every time I see you in my dreams
I feel my heart glow and ache
It’s a battle so pristine
I miss the way your warmth comforts me
The way your softness soothes me
I know it wasn’t easy
Not knowing when I’d come home
Some days I know I let you feel so alone
And I’m sorry
I was a fool to take this for granted
I knew it wasn’t forever
But I didn’t know how much time I had
Im still breathing because of the love you gave him
And I’m hoping that I can learn to be happy without being afraid
But I hope that one day I’ll hold you again
Right in my arms where you’ll be so safe
I hope that one day you’ll be back as my baby
So baby please don’t let me miss you for too long
You were my will to go on
I look in his eyes and I see your love
The way you have blessed me
When you fell from above
I let myself feel every emotion
Everything’s in slow motion
It’s been a month today
But only yesterday I said goodbye
It was a beautiful day so sunny and bright
The warmth of the sun feels like looking in your eyes
The way that I held you the way you loved to be held
When we played fetch darling I felt you again
I know you were there
Watching over us
I know you were there
Making sure we were safe
Because that’s what you do
No matter how far
You will always be right here
As vast is the ocean as vast is your heart
We may be heavens apart
But I hope my babies get your heart
Your eyes were just so bright
So full of love and happiness
They say the eyes are the windows to the soul
You were my old man heart made of gold
So fluffy and bright like the cloud in the sky
Oh goofy my goofy I’m so bad at goodbyes
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