A Verse Well Donne
by Pam
A Verse Well Donne
by Pam Green , © 2003

Go and catch a vanished Scent,
News that's written on the trees.
Hear a ewe's unformed Intent;
Fetch her back before she flees.
Teach me what my dog is thinking,
As we share a gaze unblinking,
To find
Her mind
Courageous, beautiful, and kind.

Teach a Sheltie not to Bark ;
Teach a Basenji to Obey ;
Teach a Male dog not to Mark,
And a Predator not to Prey.
Teach me what my dog is thinking ,
As she rolls in something stinking,
And swear
Breathes there the Nose that finds this fair.

Teach a Labrador not to Swim,
A Terrier not to Excavate,
A puppy not to act on Whim,
Then teach me to submit to Fate.
Teach me to be Donne with Grieving,
Rebuke Death's pride, in Dog believing,
And dare
To care,
And give Her my heart and Soul to tear.
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