My First Bouvie
by Pam
My First Bouvie
my precious puppy , Keya (Chiaroscuro)
by Pam Green , © 2020

There's my first Bouvie, in pixels on my screen,
Looking as though she were alive.
From greyscale photograph, a scan
To colorize in Photoshop, my hand
With Wacom tablet and with all my wits
Worked carefully for hours, and there she sits
Beside me, and ahead my good old horse,
My stallion , Sunrise, harnessed for a drive.

Chiaroscuro, in dark and lightness clad.
She had a heart most easily made glad.
A walk, a car ride, or a belly rub,
My words of praise, a tasty treat
Were joy to her, who made my life complete.

Now look above my desk where you may see
A dancing stallion, rearing gracefully,
Enzo Plazzotta cast in bronze for me.
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