When Earth's Last Dog Trial is Over
by Pam
When Earth's Last Dog Trial is Over
by Pam Green , © 2003

When Earth's last Dog Trial is over,
And Prizes awarded to All,
When every Treat Bag is emptied
And the Bounce has gone out of each Ball,

When the last Schutzhund sleeve has unraveled,
And the last set of Weave Poles been run,
When the last yard of Track has been traveled,
We shall know that our Work is well done.

When all Sheep have been fetched to the Sheepfold,
And the very last pheasant retrieved,
We shall say "Great Dog, we're Dog-tired!"
And, by Dog , we shall be believed !

We shall rest in the Shade of our Laurels,
We shall brag to each other and smile;
Then, when we are tired of resting,
We shall enter Eternity's Trial :

Where none shall compete for Prizes,
And none shall compete for Fame,
As we Play at our favorite Dog Sports
For the pure joyous Love of the Game !
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