Teardrop from heaven
by Pamela Campbell
Teardrop from heaven

Mum i see u sitting crying
My brothers are missing me
But please mum
Try b brave as the day u had to help me leave
I know ur brokenhearted
I didnt want to leave,
But my name was called i had to go ,
As god needed me
Im watching over u now mum and my brothers too
Im a little Angel now .
I will always b with u .
So mum please dont cry
It makes me sad ,that i had to leave u
So when u think of me know mum
Just remember i love u ❤
Never wanted to leave
But as i say im forever with u mum.
For all eternity
You will see me in my favourite spots
And remember me .
Now i need to go mum
You may not b able to see me ,
But i can see u
And if u see my brothers watchin intently,
Just remember mum they are watching me
I love u always mum from your wee man Tilly 💖

Taken too soon on the 15th Oct
11 yrs young
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