My Little Buddy
by Pat Keogh
Ernie came to me almost 7 years ago. My kids wanted a new kitty but we already had 3. they knew their best shot was to get one for me and POOF-it would stay.
Sure enough-they were right. This black puffy ball of kitty warmed right up to me. Shortly after meeting me, he fell asleep on my foot. He took my heart that day and never gave it back.

Ernie was more like a dog than a cat. He would follow me around, head butt me on the chin and even did "high-fives" for me. He was a celebrity among the kids who came to visit. He was patient, tolerant and loving. Everyone was drawn to him, especially the other cats. He never fought, hissed, growled or scratched anyone. He accepted all the souls that came in our home.

On a usual evening in March, I went to let Ernie in and it was clear something was wrong. He was couched outside the door and wouldn't come in. When I picked him up-he howled a bit from pain. I knew he was in trouble.

I brought him to the vet and was told his bladder was blocked and he needed a catheter put in place to help him. After bringing him to a 2nd vet, the procedure was successful. We brought him home, gave him his meds & waiting.

Unfortunately, he blocked again and I was forced to choose between a painful & expensive surgery that MIGHT not work OR euthenasia.

I miss my little buddy so much. He passed on March 16, 2020, right at the beginning of the pandemic. I cry every day...I miss him SO much.

He was my little buddy....
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