With Me Always
by Pat Flynn
All your days are with me now,
Your soft paw on my arm,
Your kiss on my hand.
You open the door and meow me awake,
You trot into the kitchen,
Your food I will make, happily.
You greet me when I come home,
Sense how I feel,
Your comforting presence so very real,
Always with me wherever you roam.
Oh for one more day to treasure you,
Who've given me so much,
To hold you against me,
Feel your gentle touch.
In this agony I feel, how can it be?
That God won't make it happen,
To bring you back to me.
Even for a moment.
I prayed to make you well,
I did everything I could,
But nobody heard me,
Like I hoped God would.
Now I wonder what the plan is,
Why you were taken away.
I guess when we are both spirits,
We'll meet again one day.
That is what I pray for,
My sweet, sweet darling Pan.
For a bond like ours is strong,
Please keep it if you can.
Please come back home,
And brush once against my leg,
I'll cherish that forever,
Until we are together.
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