by Patricia Fleming
By Pat Fleming

The sun rose in her radiance
Above fields of green and gold.
She embraced Him with her subtle warmth
As in the morning glow, He strolled.

He was always there to greet her
With His overflowing heart
And from the moment He created her
They had never been apart.

She smiled at Him brightly
And then proceeded with her work.
She must awaken all the Heavens
And those still in wait on earth.

But something seemed to catch God’s eye
There among the marigolds
And then He lifted in His loving arms
An orange, furry little soul.

God so loved His precious pets
With their loyal, loving hearts
And He knew the sadness deeply felt
When it was time for them to part.

But then she saw God’s smile fade,
So she opened up her worried ears
And she could hear this little fella
Shedding little kitty tears.

He was telling God the story
Of his sad, heartbroken Mom
Who couldn’t seem to move ahead
And accept that he was gone.

Sunny was this kitty’s name
And his concern was crystal clear.
His desperate need to help his Mom
Was sweet and so sincere.

Well God in His compassion
Kissed Sunny’s head and held him tight.
He said I think that I may have a way
To make everything all right!

We will send another kitty
Who feels unwanted and alone
And has no one to love him
And no home to call his own.

And when your Mommy meets him
She’ll feel that love that you had shared
And somehow deep inside her heart
She’ll know for sure that you’re still there

She’ll know you want her to be happy.
To love and be loved once again.
And finally know the love you shared
Will Never, Ever end.

Well Sunny licked God’s soft, warm cheek
And bounded off with all his friends.
His heart just overflowed with joy
Knowing Mom would be happy again!
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