Who Rescued Who??
by Patricia Fleming
By Patricia Fleming

She use to show up every weekend
And brighten up my day.
She’d blow me kisses and she’d talk to me
In such a loving way.

She gave me hope when there was none
And made me feel far less alone,
And I wished that maybe one day
She’d finally take me home.

Her face appeared in all my dreams.
How I longed to be her pet!
From the first time that I saw her face,
It was a face I’d not forget

But sometimes she would seem so sad.
She was always by herself.
Maybe that was why she gave me love,
Because there was nobody else.

Each week I waited patiently
To see her once again.
I think she felt the way I did,
We were becoming special friends.

Oh, there were others who would stop and stare,
But we had no chemistry,
But I knew so deep inside my heart
That her and I were meant to be.

I knew I’d make her happy.
I’d let her hold me when she cried.
All her secrets would be safe with me
And I would never leave her side.

And then one day she wore a smile,
The biggest one I’d ever seen,
And she took me gently from my cage
And said, “You’re going home with me.”

So I was finally being rescued.
I thought the day would never come.
I feared I’d die in that dark shelter,
Never loved by anyone.

We drove through lovely country sides
And bustling city streets.
We would always be together now
Even when life ceased to be.

And when we finally made it home,
We both felt joyful as could be,
And as I sat upon her lap she cried
“I’m so glad you rescued me!”

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