Best Friend Forever
by Patrick K. Rocchio
I am unsure whether I really want to write this. It is difficult to write about my emotions or feelings in such a raw, unvarnished, revealing way. But, it may be an exercise which comforts me by its sharing with you.

Last Friday, April 30, 2021, at exactly 11:47 a.m., I lost my best friend. You know what I mean by “lost” --- he passed on, he passed over, he went to heaven, or more simply stated, he just died.

It happens like flicking the switch to turn off the power supply to this computer on which I am typing these words. Instantly, abruptly, suddenly, the flame of my best friend’s life leaves the physical body and is forever after permanently absent from my present tense world of living.

I never experienced such kindness as displayed by my special friend. It was so natural to him. So authentic; so majestic; so powerful. Why is it impossible for me to exhibit consistently simple but genuine acts of kindness in my behavior and conduct? I can be very unkind not only to others but also to myself. I want to be more kind, like my friend was in life.

Loyalty was a wonderful trait displayed by my friend. He modeled a definition of true friendship. I confidently knew that he would be with me always, that he would never violate the vow of our friendship, that I could rely upon him to protect me, sometimes from others and sometimes from myself. He was my most loyal and unwavering supporter. He never spoke a negative word about me.

It seems that we live in a violent world, an environment burdened by the weight of jealousy, rivalry, brutality, and violence. But, that was not my friend. He never hurt anyone, he had no sense of jealousy, he did not covet another’s wealth, property or material belongings, and he did not resent the good fortune of others. Indeed, it always seemed to me that he was incapable of hurting others, either physically or emotionally.

Truly, my friend was unselfish. He never asked for any favors from others. He never placed his needs or his wants before the needs or wants of those living around him. If you asked him to get something for you, he simply would proceed to get it for you and he never asked any questions about why it was necessary for him to assist you in that manner.

It will be difficult going forward and continue living my daily life without the bodily presence of my very best friend. His guiding influence will be missed dearly by me. He is irreplaceable. There is a hole permanently now in my heart which can never be filled or removed.

But, I do have and will keep my valuable memories of my best friend, and I know that the gift of his life will forever inspire me to be kind, loyal, peaceful, unselfish, and loving towards both others and myself.

He was only fourteen years old when he died last Friday. His body just gave out and surrendered to the debilitating effects of old age. I will be forever grateful that I was there with him at that very moment when the flame of his bodily life was darkened, when he passed on, passed over, went to heaven, or more simply stated, he just died.

I will never forget Charlie. He was the most beautiful creature to enter my life. I never would have expected the brief life of a yellow lab dog would have such a lasting effect upon me, inspiring the choices I will make in living each day going forward until someday I will be reunited with Charlie in the hereafter, as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever, Amen.

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