Aurora my Baby
by Paul Robb
Aurora my baby,
Aurora my boo,
I hope that you know
how much I loved you.

To have to come home,
and see you were gone,
Broke my heart in two.
Everything now felt wrong.

I cried as I pet you,
and screamed out in pain.
"This can't be the truth!
Is this some sick game!?"

I knew that it wasn't,
and that you were gone.
That had to prepare
to help you move on.

I wrapped up tightly
in your favorite blanket.
I carried you to the car.
God, I just couldn't take it.

I set you down on the seat,
and pet your head one last time.
"It's time to go baby.
Everything will be fine."

When we got the the vet,
and they took you away,
I knew it was the last time
I would see your sweet face.

I drove home while crying
and screaming out loud.
Coming home now felt wrong
My whole world had come down.

But through all this I knew
one rock solid truth;
You knew you were loved,
and I was loved by you.

The next few days
will be extremely painful,
but despite all these facts
I am truly grateful...

To have had you, and held you,
and given you love.
To know you were now watching
down from above.

Aurora my baby,
Aurora my boo,
I KNOW that you know
how much I loved you!

RIP my sweet angel. Daddy will always love you! <3
Aurora 2004-2019
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