Our Baby Squirt
by Paul
It was a beautiful May afternoon in 2011 at our local town park in middle Tennessee. I am a photographer and my wife and I were there taking pictures of our local baseball league. A short distance away, we noticed what looked like a gathering of people and their dogs. My wife was very curious as to what they were doing so she told our oldest son and our niece to go over and check things out. They returned and told my wife about two Yorkies that someone was getting rid of. With her curiosity meter pegged, she left and returned holding one Yorkie while the owner held the other. She exclaimed, “they’re free”! Now, we had already purchased a dog not long ago so another dog wasn’t on our radar. However, as soon as I saw the one my wife was holding, I told her we could take her. She was a gorgeous 7-year-old female by the name of Squirt. She was only 4 lbs. and had the sweetest disposition. She was a typical Yorkie with long, flowing, beautiful hair. We took her home that day and didn’t look back. She was my wife’s constant companion. A shadow dog. She had to be with my wife most of the time. We took her with us on trips, to the ball park and she slept with us. When my wife wasn’t around, she gravitated toward me which I didn’t mind one bit. I didn’t realize how much I truly loved her until she got sick and passed away on Christmas Day. My wife was devastated and I tried to keep my emotions and feelings in check, but the grief was too great and it hit me hard. She was 13.5 yrs. old when she passed away. We miss her so much and have a huge void in our hearts. Our three boys weren’t very attached to her since they had the other dog and a recently added German Shepherd to bond with. She was my wife’s dog and mine as well. It was a Christmas Day that we would like to forget. We fell in love with the breed, and will one day begin the search for a new Yorkie. However, we both know she won’t be easily replaced. We love you baby Squirt and will miss you so much!!!
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