Ricco; ,brave,loving intuitive K-9/Assistance dog
by Paul & \Beverly Burns & k9Daisey Burns
"SGT." Ricco Burns went to Rainbow Bridge April 6, 2018 with his personal vet, Technician and of course his Mom and Dad. He had asked to go, we had one of those deals that only the dog and the human/s who promised to listen when he'd all he could deal with; "We love you with more love than we can ever express. But we will not make you endure more pain out of selfishness. You let us know when you can't handle it any more and we won't fuss. We'll be sad and oh how we'll miss you, because we love you." I got my face washed with lots of slurps and and then a paw shake and I knew he understood. The day was calm, he had relief on his face and peace in his eyes. He had pancakes and sausage for breakfast and as many bones as he wanted, he and Daisey played in the backyard. You played and loved on us like crazy and we cherished every minute. We have a tradition of keeping the leash and collar of our furbabiess which are no longer with us, yours and your special. Strap that Daddy made for you so you could walk better. Your stuff will be too. Daddy was so proud that worked for you. You taught Mom a lot about disabilities and getting over them or around them and with my warmest Mommy thanks I say I thank you for helping me cope. If you sensed the miraine coming on you nudged me toward my meds then to bed. If you knew I had "overdone it" you'd scoot the remote control over and look at me, who could refuse a face like yours. You even knew when I hadn't eaten your sit in front of the fridge for me to eat was different from that "mooching" sit you and Daisey had. Your tennis balls are still under the bed. Everyone who saw you went on about how handsome you are and how friendly. In our heart you were perfect and special. Mike loved you too. He has a dog named Rusty ( it's a small dog) but they're perfect for each other. You know how that goes. Run free beloved, be happy there at Rainbow Bridge ,it's beyond total description but you're home now and we
know you're in a peaceful healthy happy place. Love,& hugs, Mom, Dad & Mike &Daisey. There never will be another one quite like you, Ricco!

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