A Lady Knows When It's Time To Leave
by Princess Durham
My dad rescued Princess 18 years ago when she was a year old. When he died I took her in 14 years ago. I've tended to her, loved her all these years. I'm now 72 so I know about the end game.
Over the last couple of weeks, Princess was well and seemed happy but she was failing. Today I called the vet to get her an appointment but they had no openings. They said, put her in a carrier and wait in the parking lot till we call you. They planned to take blood and decide tomorrow to treat or euthanize. I decided to spare her this stress for at least another day. We spent time with her, my wife held her in her lap for long periods of time. I fed get at 4. She ate well and purred the entire day. We went to check on her around 6. She had crawled into her favorite bed in the window, curled up, went to sleep, and drifted away. She left on her own terms. I'm glad that I spared her the stress of the vet visit. She deserved a peaceful departure. I buried her tonight under an umbrella tree. We've renamed it The Princess Tree.
We miss you so my sweet kitty. Rest well.
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