BeeMo the Booty Baby
by Rachel
Our beautiful baby boy left us suddenly and too soon. He was the joy in our household and gave our family so many wonderful memories. He was our Stinky Butt Baby and the cutest weirdo. He was a ghost black tabby, stubby and slightly floofy tail. Tiny little guy. He had a "bikini" of white in his armpit, chest area and his lower underbelly to inner leg. His eyes were a stunning blue and green mix, very vibrant.

BeeMo had just turned 3 in March, he has had numerous medical issues since We rescued him. Heart murmur, stomatitis, teeth removal, eye problems. He passed after what we think was a stomach or esophagus ulcer that caused all sorts of problems. He was a massive trooper. We have had quite a journey with this little man. We wouldn't have done anything different.
B was a wild child; playfully beating up his brothers (he was the smallest one 😁)
Always pawing at my blanket to cuddle under the covers and bugging his big brother to grrom him. I know perfect is throw around, but to say that is an understatement, he was unique and beautiful.
Definitely regularly a sassy boy, he was so talkative and extra. Always did what he wanted and if he had to do something would just "noodle" in your arms. Beemo loved to play, He was pure happiness. He followed everyone and had to insert himself in everything. He loved tuna and cream cheese for fancy snacks and never turned down treats.
I would occasionally make the boys catnip tea and he went bonkers everytime. Stoned to the bone lol.
He was the biggest cuddle bug and always cuddled with Mom every single night before bed. I think the funniest thing he did was "teabagging", he would try to stick his butt directly onto an arm or leg and just sit with his legs on either side until he got pet. I think that was his way of saying he was happy.

He left a mark on our family and brought us so much joy during our hardest times. We miss him greatly and will always remember his little self and everything he has done for our little family. He was truly our Son.

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