Baby’s Story
by Regina Gunter
One day, I was lonely and sad. I am a single woman, and I lived alone. My heart was ready to love a pet. Little did I know that as I rescued her, she would rescue me. I went to PetSMart about 2 years ago, and you were the only cat that came to the front of your cage to sniff my friendly extended hand. I did not choose you, you chose me. I wanted a declawed cat, but he was mean, and he growled at me. So although you had your claws, I accepted you the way you were. One tiny imperfection was that you had a bump on the bridge of your nose. I grew to love your imperfection and turned it into a uniquely you identifying mark.
You were a Tabby: my favorite kitty in the whole wide world. Before PetSMart got you, the Humane Society found you skinny, sick and wet, nursing your first litter of kittens. I never got to see your kittens, but the Veterinarians at the Humane Society helped you feel better. Soon, you were recovering from you spat surgery with tender stitches on your belly. That’s when God blesses me with you. You were a very good girl. You never messed with your stitches and you did not cry in pain. I prepared my one bedroom apartment for your arrival from PetSMart. A free initial Vet visit was included, Thank God. I never had a child so I named you Baby. I would rock you and pet you and sing to you just as if you were a baby. I suffered from Depression for several years. You did not know at first. I though I rescued you, but you ended up rescuing me. I tried my best to make you happy, and meet your needs, but I was not always a perfect pet Mom. You loved me unconditionally anyway. You showed me the Heavenly Father’s unconditional love everyday, even if I was late in feeding you or spoke a harsh word. You taught me what unconditional love was like, and I finally opened up my cold and lonely heart up to let your sunshine of love in. I was your guardian for 2 years. You were bored and frustrated in the small apartment even though you had toys and tunnels and scratching towers. You yearned to go outside and run around and be free. You always came back home every time I let you go outside. You would run and play, and sniff. You even met a Tom cat called Tuxedo. He was your road buddy. You also met Otis, a friendly Terrier that would always peep through the glass door of the apartment looking for you on his walks with his Mom. You loved Temptations treats, IAMS dry cat food, and your special treat: canned tuna. I loved to hear you “Meow” in pleasure at treat and dinner time. You also cried in pain if I accidentally stepped on your paw or was too harsh with you when you scratched on the furniture. I am sorry for the times you cried.

One day, I let you outside because you scratched on the door, and asked to go out as usual thinking nothing of it. Little did U know that 2 loose big Alaskan Malamute viscous dogs would attack you and kill you for no reason at all. I was gone when I heard the news. 2 of my neighbors tried to stop tge dog/cat fight to no avail. It was too late. My brave neighbor put your lifeless body in a cardboard box, called the phone number on your collar, and he told me the news. I was devastated. I cried, and hollarse, and screamed, “No” like a crazed grief-stricken woman. My precious Baby was gone. Cat parents, please do not let your cats go outside unsupervised like I did. Oh, how I regret that big mistake.

God gave me 2 years with you, Baby. You rescued me from my own depression. I loved you and you loved me unconditionally.
Rest In Peace precious kitty Angel. I am sorry I was not there to protect you from those vicious stray dogs. Dog parents, please keep your dogs secure and on a leash.

Rest In Peace my Angel Kitty.
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