Dear mom
by Richard Jones
Dear mom,
I know you miss me and that’s ok. I miss you too. Until we’re together again know I’ll be still with you in your heart. I know you were still sad about Rolf when I came into your life. Nonetheless you embraced me and didn’t make me feel second best. I know that I scared you by running out the door when I first came home. I also know that when I stole that food like a furry flying vulture, you were more impressed than angry. You saved my life when I chewed on that stupid cord. For ten years you gave me anti-seizure medicine that I didn’t always act grateful for. Very few people would have had the patience and I oh so appreciate it. I loved you with all my heart. At the very end, things were hard for you. Once again you were there for me. You held me in your arms and let me go when that was wrong for you and right for me. Thanks for being the best dog mom. We’ll meet again and then we’ll be together forever.

love, Chief

P.S. Tell me doxie friends Ruby and Roxie that it’s ok to enjoy some of my dog treats but to save me a few.
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