Goodbye My Friend
by Robyn Youl
Goodbye Dear Friend. My lifeguard. My joy
In all life's turmoil and foam
Steadfast anchor. Safe buoy.
The heavenly Pilot will guide you home.

Life is a burden my love. Just grey pain.
Misery enfolds like cold grey stone.
The sun won't ever warm you again.
Time to let go my friend. Sail on alone.

Sail away from just being you and me.
There will be no moaning at the bar.
Dear friend, sail on to a far kinder sea.
Into sunrise, sunset and evening star.

I will sail with you when I sleep
I will see you from afar.
Our love springs from the boundless deep.
Go well as you cross the bar.

Your anchor is in my heart.
Your soul billows white as clouds above
We have sailed where no one can chart
Sail on with your Pilot and my love.

Sail on my friend to that Time and Place
Away from the pain, away from the dark.
You will not forget my smiling face.
You will wait, until I too embark.
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