'Empty Space; TenderMemories'
by Roma(Shadows Mum)
Last nite, I sat on the futon and you were not there for me to pet.
I could'nt see you in the physical sense curled up in the center of the futon either.
I wanted to call out to you:
'Hey, Lil Man Come Hither or Come Come' as I use to.

I want you to know I think of you.
Oh, my Dear Boy..you simply caught my heart and held it so tightly and close to your lil feline heart.
The tender bond we created can never ever disconnect or end.
My lil LoveBug the joy I miss & the joy you brought to me.
This morning the sun's rays shone through the window where you slept, lounged and sat with me.
My Handsome GentleMan. You've left a beautiful imprint(paw print) on my heart and soul.
May you rest, lounge, enjoy quiet time and be healed and cherished with love.

For tonite I will sit on the futon and think of you and our times shared.
I love you still.
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