by Roma(Shadows Mum)
My Sweet little boy with all his little cat toys. So subtle, so guarded..such a Sweet Little GentleMan. You were my first Prince.
I always honored where you were on a given day. I respected & considered you.
If you wanted to sleep cozy up/curled; I made sure the space was quiet & free.
I enjoyed playing classical music for you & loved when i would meditate and you would come by & visit my serene environment.
i think you only sat on my lap during meditation 2-3 times during those 2 & half years you were w/ me.
i enjoyed giving you many pets.
(Touch is very important to cats)
i enjoyed when you would come up to my bed & greet me in the morning.
You always had something to communicate.
You were also very guarded,quiet & very well behaved.
You were a true 'GentleMan' with a capital 'G'.

My Dear LoveBug. I miss you & miss these moments.
I will treasure them always in my heart♡ and much more. I love you, Shadow.
Your Mum(Roma)
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