Crossie Dog 2006--- 2019
by Ron Walker
Crosbie came into our lives in 2006, and what an impact he made, for the next thirteen years it would be the Three Musketeers. Crossie, as he was nicknamed, was a black cocker spaniel who made a big impression on everyone who met him. He loved people and children and they loved him. He was only left once and that was with our son when we went abroad, other than that it was always the three of us.
I bought him for my wife, but it was myself and Crossie that walked the fields together, most of the time. My wife Jan did take him when I was working.
He did have his problems but on the whole he was a fit dog, chasing the rabbits, flushing out the pheasants and climbing the dry stone walls in the fields around our barn. We would walk with our neighbour Linda and her Labs Bella and Inca, who I am sure will have welcomed Crossie as he arrived at Rainbow Bridge.
My wife and I have had dogs all our lives and they have all given us as much love as we have given them. But Crossie was a dog that was like no other that we have had. The love and the fun that we shared was incredible, If I moved Crossie followed. He was there when I arrived home from work with a waggy welcome. If Jan and I arrived home from the supermarket or wherever, there was Crossie sat on the kitchen table looking out the window waiting to catch a glimpse of the car as we came up the track. And then this lovely face staring at us looking out of the window as he stood on his chair. What a welcome!!
But, the last three years he was struggling with his back legs due to a problem with nerves in his spine. In 2018 our vet said that we would be lucky to have him for a year. Jan was away visiting our family in the South of England and Crossie was really struggling. It was only when Jan arrived home on the Monday that Crossie felt that it was his time to leave us. I am sure he waited for her to come home so it would be the three musketeers again. Our vet gave us the results of the blood test which confirmed the decision we had made to let the little man go. We were with him as he went to sleep and we had him cremated. He is now with us in a nice box as well as looking at us from our computer screens.
I am in tears as I write this, this little man touched Jan and I as no other dog has done. I have no pal to walk the fields with, Jan is devastated.
The house is empty without him. We went on holiday recently in our RV, it was strange not to have Crossie as a passenger. But we have the memories of thirteen wonderful years shared with Crossie Dog.
We know he is now pain free and running with Bella Dog and Inca Dog across those green fields over Rainbow Bridge. Thank you little man from mommy and daddy for thirteen wonderful years. Please enjoy yourself wherever you are, you are always in our thoughts and our hearts
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