Oliver's Story
by Rosary
It was June 30, 2015, my road dog Jackson and I were walking the streets of Wilmington, CA on a hot summer day. Feeling hungry and very thirsty, we decided to rest on a patch of grass under a tree…It was probably the only patch of grass around the whole area. Now, I can’t remember how we got there or how long we traveled but what I can tell you, is that the rest of my life was about to change and boy did it! All of a sudden, two humans came out to give us water and one of them even gave me her lunch. I remember being so excited, that I was doing my famous jumping and galloping in mid air dance for her. I knew that if I did that it would win her over. Jackson on the other hand, wasn’t too sure and it took awhile for him to trust anyone after the life we had lived. Being on the road really took its toll on me, I was covered with fleas and knew I had been sick for a long time, I even had tumors all over my body and you could see my ribs I was so thin. But I knew something unique was about to happen as I overheard her making countless calls to the Boxer Rescue LA to help me. She opened her car door and I hopped right in! Little did I know that she would soon be my guardian angel as I was already on a path to a better life. With numerous visits to the vet, I soon began to feel better inside and I know I looked better on the outside. I didn’t know if she would come back but boy was I excited for my future. But guess what? She did and she was just as excited as I was! I didn’t know where I was going but found myself being greeted to a new family that showed me a love like I never knew existed before. I felt like a king, I had my own comfy bed, went on vacations to the beach and even got nicely groomed each month. A few months go by and I was surprised to be reunited with Jackson! All because Jackson’s new mommy was my mommys friend! We couldn’t believe that we hit the jackpot with our new families. A year goes by and each day was always just as exciting as the day before. I even had gourmet, organic food and you bet that I sure did inhale each bite! But as time went on, I knew I was getting more tired and I couldn’t keep up with my roommate Harley. My mom always showered me with lots of love but I felt her being sad as I was feeling more and more sleepy. I didn’t want her to have any ounce of sadness because she changed my entire life around. She brought me to the doctors and they still couldn’t believe how long I have lasted and I knew it was all because of my moms heart. She didn’t mind skipping work as long as she knew I could only get better. I felt bad letting her down because I physically was exhausted. It’s now a whole year later and I knew I just wanted to take a long nap. My mom was sad and didn’t want to let me go but I reassured her that I am going to be okay. On August 10th, my mom and her family played peaceful music and were treating me to cheeseburgers, my favorite! I was so tired that I couldn’t seem to enjoy the deliciousness. The doorbell rang and my friend Dr. Steve came in from Pine Animal Hospital! Dr. Steve gave my mom a big hug and kept telling her that she gave me a life that nobody else could. My mom was sad and tears filled her eyes as she held me tighter. Dr. Steve told me this is best decision for all of us. So I held onto my mom and closed my eyes for the last time. I knew it was not a goodbye but a see you later. Even though my mom is still hurting inside but I hope her heart is filled because a dog might only be here for a part of your life, but for a dog, you are our entire life. For everyone reading my story, I hope you find in your heart that there are plenty of dogs, just like me, waiting for someone like you to rewrite their own journey of hope.
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