Bungy’s New Beginning
by Ryan

When you came to us from Indiana that morning in 2005, we didn’t know what to do, where to start, or even what to call you. But the second we first saw you whimpering, you had both of our hearts - and always will.

We came up with a lot of different, silly names for you over the years, like Chuckie, Jungalew, Bungalew, and then finally the nickname that stuck for 15 years: Bungy.

You reminded us what it feels like to truly love, taught us how to laugh again, and showed us the greatest joys in life were always right there in front of us, in our home.

I was only 25 when you became a part of our family. We were a family of 3 before expanding to 4 - and then finally 5. I could tell the crying babies gave you some anxiety, but you quickly expanded your heart to love Heath and Bates as you loved us.

The fifteen years went by too fast, and although I cherished every minute of your time with us, I always feared the day you would have to leave us.

That day arrived yesterday, Sunday November 22, 2020. I’ve been crying ever since, because I know that our lives will never be the same without you. But after exhausting every possible medically available therapy to keep you here a day longer, we couldn’t bear the thought of you suffering any longer.

The tremendous grief we’re experiencing is painful, but it’s greatly outweighed by the joy of knowing that you are free again. You can see, run, jump, lick and play. Your ravenous appetite, which had diminished in the end, has been restored, and the memories you’ve left behind will be cherished for the rest of our lives.

You were (and still are) our first baby girl. We’ll forever miss your angelic face, your ninja food skills, your morning licks, and the lifetime of snuggling that you blessed us with.

Although letting you go was the hardest thing we’ve ever done, knowing that that last act of love allowed you to go to a better place (where, by the way, your grandparents have been eagerly and patiently waiting to spoil you even more than we did) made it all worth it.

Thank you for cuddling by our sides in our bed for one last night and going for one more ride with us in the Horsey Vroom.

You gave us more joy as a family than you’ll ever know. Thank you for being my best friend and favorite companion, loving all of us so much, and always finding a way to turn our frowns upside down.

We love you beyond words Bungy, and you’ll always be with us.


Until we meet again

Daddy, mommy, H and B.

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