March 9th 2023 you went to heaven my precious baby girl Harvey…..
The last of my babies to leave me. …preceded by Sparkey, momma cat and Gremlin.
I love you all so much.
You Harvey was and tamest of the bunch along with Sparkey. You allowed me to touch, stroke and pet you, oh yes and plenty of kisses. Always calling the shots and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Mom and dad were not big fans of animals being indoors. Every year I built a big shelter and you all had your own heated bed, shielded from the elements. Cameras also set up to keep an eye on you all. Lost a lot of sleep but it was worth it.
Harvey, you came in and out when you felt like it and thank goodness that was allowed….but you always wanted back out to be with your family, especially Gremlin.

Back in 2006 momma cat showed up on Good Friday…..pregnant….I did not have any experience with animals except with goldfishes.
Little did I know the day she showed would change my life forever. A Good Friday that was indeed and I thank The good Lord for that.
Fast forward to today all I have are precious memories and the anticipation of being reunited in heaven one day.
I relive memories watching videos over the years. Seems like yesterday. I look out in the backyard, envision days of my babies playing, lounging, so happy and content.
I delighted in spoiling you all.

Its been a rough couple of years my Harv. Your sister Gremlin left us June 20th 2022, that same year September 21st my dear mother went home to be with her Saviour.
Your presence thru that year was comforting to me.
Then, October, 2022 I felt a lump on your under belly. I took you to a vet. You voiced your displeasure on the way there. You screamed as the vet took you away for an x-ray. again on the way home you were angry and upset, you screamed at me. Then you started to pant. I panicked, I thought you were going to have a heart attack. Once home, I got you inside, you demanded to go to your outdoor shelter. I let you out, you were upset and didn’t trust me for a few hour. Later, you came around and were back to your old self.

I demanded you stay inside as the weather got colder. Dad was sort of ok with it. I slept in the living room with you, as to keep an eye on you.
Late feb. 2023 you were not doing that great….you were so vocal, and your eating and drinking slowly declined. I begged and prayed to God to please heal whatever was wrong with you. It was difficult to see you hurting. I wanted to take you to the vet again, but I felt you may die on the way there. My Harv, I kept praying for a miracle that you would get better.

The last week of your life, you were in a lot of pain, then my worst fears came thru Thursday March 9th. I came home from volunteering at the cat shelter…there I found you in the living room passed away. Your little earthly body lying there. You were now in the presence of Jesus. Healthy, happy and whole you now are. You were healed, not the way I had hoped for. that was ok. You were now reunited with your brother, sister, your mom and my mom too. I bawled for you. The guilt I felt, but yet I believe you lived and died the way you wanted too and it was meant to happen this way.
You all gave me the most wonderful, almost 17 years of my life, I will cherish forever. Not a day goes by where you don’t cross my thoughts but that last week was hard to deal with.

I was told feral cats live to approx.. 2 years outside, The good Lord gave me 16-17 years, except for Sparkey who got hit by a car in 2007, he was one. . I am grateful to of had you all... we may be serparted temporarily, I can’t wait for the day when we will never ever be separated. I thank God for all the signs he gave me when each one of you passed, not because I doubted but it was my personal reassurance from Him all because I asked Him.

The past year was busy, planning mom’s memorial, trying to get alot done…. I promised I would write something for your one year anniversary. here it is Harvey.
I was so blessed to have you all, Thank you Lord for sending momma cat to us that Good Friday back in 2006. Maybe one day I may have more fur babies, until then I will never ever forget you or the rest of the crew for the rest of my life on this earth.

From the bottom of my heart, I love you Harvey.
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