MY BROKENNESS (Can it still be fixed?)
by Sallie
Adorable, very cute, a handsome puppy
that was me according to my human parents.
For five years both of them were my protectors
full of delight with lots of treats and play.

Then I woke up in a contained weird space
I could not run fast nor walk on my own.
Dogs were barking, whining, howling
I was sundered by desertion of my mom and dad.

Flashback of what ensued before I was dumped
they giggled and laughed
at my newborn human sibling.
The baby cried, was fed until he fell asleep
while I was forgotten, left alone in the dark room.

I waited for my nibbles, treats, bowl of water
I could not go out anymore - I messed up inside.
Hungry, thirsty, confused, ignored and kicked
abandoned and abused day in and day out.

Now you have me since November 2015
Cranky, growling, suspicious, protective
that's how you got me.
I know there were times
you wanted to chuck up the sponge
by putting me back to where I was
in that cold lonely sanctuary.

Don't give up on me...
I will be the most affectionate pet
Just help me prove my worth
I love you, mom and thank you.

Karl speaking his mind :))

-June 8/20
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