The canine buddy whose presence I miss
by Sallie
It was August 11, 1993 when you came into my life. You were such a cute newborn puppy, a mixed Border Collie/Bernese Mountain doggie. I watched you grew little by little, step by step, side by side. I even bottle fed you when your mom went away. You gave new meaning to my empty life taking me in shape again. Because of you, I learned how to laugh once more pondering that the world we live in is still a haven, a paradise to deal with. Yes, DC, it was you who made me realize that this terra-mid is a wonderful place to stay with and that I should open up to people anew.

I worked hard for you back then in the Philippines by writing poems, news, feature articles and dramatic scripts for radio. I also taught English to hundreds of Korean nationals on a one-on-one basis and did copy reading for theses, school essays, allegorical verses and oral scuffle or verbal tussle. Your existence into my world gave me strength, inspiration and the power to hold on. I was discernibly enthused to work long hours time and again in Timog and in Makati despite heavy downpour, traffic congestion, sultry weather, pollution and the like.

A parvo virus struck you on November 10, barely three months after you were born thereby making you too weak and dehydrated so I brought you to the animal doctor on duty at the University of the Philippines in Diliman. The lady vet did her best and prescribed you antibiotics or oral suspension warning me those might be inadequate so I should be ready for what would transpire next. In short, I must be prepared if death comes in after the 24-hour deadline.

I cried in tranquility, any person could cry silently if his or her friend is dying, you know. I embraced you and told you in tears, "C'mon, baby…I'm sure you can make it. Please fight back, be strong enough, don't give up, okay? Don't leave me, please, I need you in my life. Do hold on, I love you, friend!" Your eyes were sad because the illness was extremely tough for you to carry on. My heart was severely broken as I watched you in pain, DC.

I gave you medicine every eight hours as instructed by your veterinarian. I never slept. I always talked to you petting you every now and then to let you feel I was around and would stand by you against all odds. At 8:00 the following morning, you discharged a smelly, dark bloody stool then exerted effort to stand up although you were still groggy because of vaccines and antibiotics to be able to thank me as if you divulged, "Hey, friend…don't worry about me anymore. I'm okay, can't you see? Let's celebrate!" We were very happy at that juncture, myself in particular. I know you did everything to survive to add color to my existence for you're my sole inspiration. I was grateful to the Fountain Head, our Prime Mover for the nicest gift on earth. Truly, you're one of the few things that money can't buy.

Since then, you became my number one friend, my close buddy, my pet companion. You were so protective of me making sure nobody could hurt nor put me down. You were not afraid to die for me, DC. And I really admire you for such courage and devotion which I never found to anyone.

I was about to surrender feeling incredibly empty and was emotionally battered when you came teaching me that it is when life gets rough that I must not quit. When the entire world walked out on me, you came along to ease out all my tribulation and emotional injuries behind. How could I ever thank you enough for giving me hope, enthusiasm, strength and happiness, for sharing your life with me?

From the very beginning, you were my priceless treasure, my valuable friend, my cherished gem on this earth, the apple of my eyes, my home, my family. I always thought of giving you the best in life so when I had the opportunity, I went to Canada with strong desire to bring you here as soon as I become stable.

Leaving you behind was the most difficult decision I ever made, DC. You never see me in pain whenever I think of you. I won't ever forget how teary- eyed you were when I hugged and kissed you goodbye. We missed each other terribly. You even howled at the wee hours obviously wondering why I wasn't around anymore as I used to be for the past two years.

I sent you cards, letters, poems and monthly lump sum for your veterinary needs, board and lodging. I wanted to be sure I could offer you the best of everything. I was informed you always wagged your tail whenever there's a note for you from me or when you hear my name. Yes, my name Sallie. I knew you were missing me a whole lot the way I miss you so much.

I got two chances to get you but I prioritized my blood so I helped them first instead of bringing you down here the soonest. Then came the most terrifying news about you. You got ill and nobody bothered to let me know despite my monthly remittance. Had they informed me at once, I could tell them exactly how to treat your sickness and would send more money to save you. Up to the very end, you did wait for me hoping we could see each other again. Your mind and your heart were still willing to wait that long but you were physically exhausted and traumatized. You could no longer take it so without saying goodbye, you closed your eyes and left.

That was April 24, 1998 but I still can't get over you, my dear friend. Most of them pondered you were just an ordinary dog. They failed to realize that you were my son, my best friend, the very best thing in life that ever happened to me. We weathered the storms together, you wept with me, stood by me feeling all my pain in your heart. You remained loyal no matter what.

They say time and space can heal my broken heart but they never know you're the only one I love this way. You're gone forever but not in my heart. I still miss you right at this moment, my friend. I am really thankful for you for coming into my world and for sharing your life with me. I'll live by your legacy and that is to learn how to take care of me and be cautious in the future.

Thank you so much for being my best buddy and for being a part of me. I love you, DC! --- Toronto, March 28/2010-January 15, 2021
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