Discovering the Pool
by Shannon
Nellie, our adorable miniature labradoodle, was just a baby when this happened. Our large family was having a gathering at Aunt Chris's house, and I remember how proud she and Uncle Andrew were to show off their brand new pool.

So the party was in full swing. Adults standing around chatting and drinking beer. Kids floating around in the pool. And baby Nellie sniffing around, making friends and trying to steal food.

And then she saw the pool.

The best way to describe it was like a bullet being fired from a gun. It happened so fast! There was a blur of black fur and then suddenly:


I was just a little girl at that time, so I thought it was great fun. Puppy in the pool! But the adults were silently losing their crap. A brand new pool with a brand new liner was about to get scratched up by sharp little puppy claws! There was quite a rush to get baby Nellie out of that pool.

Baby Nellie was picked up and plopped back onto dry land. She shook herself off. And then she saw the pool again.


It was impossible to keep baby Nellie out of that pool. She just kept on jumping in! I think it became a game to her. She was happy as could be, swimming around while Aunt Chris and the others flipped out. But after a bit, once it became obvious that she was too little to do any damage to the pool, the tension eased up.

What a fun day that was! Baby Nellie enjoyed the heck out of that pool. That was the day she discovered that swimming is fun.

We enjoyed many more years with Nellie. But I think that day was one of her favourites.
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